I wish RIP meant Return If Possible “David Ochoa”

April 14, 2015 3

I was shopping at Target when I get the horrible news that a friend of ours passed away … I froze and I didn’t buy it of course I found out thru social media then it was true David Ochoa had passed and wondering how did he go I was worried that maybe an accident or an operation that went wrong … he just never woke up !!

” God Decided he needed you , So from this world you left , But you took a piece of me …. My heart is what you kept, luckily I got to keep a piece of your heart too ”


David Added me on FB when I was working promotions at another station I think you all know which one well he was an avid listener and a big time huge supporter  and he loved everyone his biggest dream was to work there he told me I told him several times to apply to see if they had internships not sure if he followed thru .

David for some reason I knew he was different but special different  I had this awesome Idea to bring him to the studio of Exitos 93.9 and to come hang out with me and Dj Thrive , Thrive always agrees with my ideas and he thought it was a cool thing cause David did nothing but support us big time I mean he posted Sunday Funday’s before we even did , well we agreed on a sunday and sure enough his family came to join us , we met his mother letty who was so nice she was so happy to see his son Happy and enjoying himself she told me you don’t know how much this means to David you have made one of his dreams come true Thank you she explained to me what David had and I felt so sad I didn’t know the whole story cause I didn’t think it would be right to ask but I knew David wanted to live the life of a young male ..and he did he touched the hearts of so many in the Industry , Radio Personality’s , Dj Mixers , Artist in Music in all types of Genere he was the Cheerleader of everyone and The Number # 1 Fan of all stations

photo-20He had so much fun that told the stories many times and how he couldn’t  wait to go back every time he could he thanked us for letting him hang out at the Dj booth and take selfies and dance to the live mixes that was a while ago

“Remember this and remember well . it is , after all , a lonely world. a world where two people can share the same heart , but there will always  be something missing . the saddest of the sad is , how eventually , we as humans outgrow the things we love , and all we could do is remember how they once made us feel .

r.m    drake


When David was born he was expected to live about 10yrs but he lived to be 22 God is amazing and what was his purpose in life ?? he for one made our days he always promoted every show and showed nothing but love to everyone so many people had so many nice things to say about him in his passing but only a few were lucky enough to meet him I was one of the lucky ones and every time I think about him I close my eyes and just take a deep breath and look up and say Pimp” you touched us all in such a way that you will forever be remembered


The last time I talked to him he told me he had gotten some equipment so that he can start Djing one of his biggest wishes , what I admired a lot about him is that he had goals that he wanted to accomplished and he didn’t care how long it was going to take but he was going to do it and he wanted to share with the rest of the world as well , the passing of someone who made a huge impact in someones life isn’t easy to get by and I can only imagine the pain his parents are going through I pray to god that they take it one day at a time and that they will soon find peace in their hearts  God called for him and they way he left us gives me so much peace because he didn’t suffer in pain he went to sleep at night and didn’t wake up If I could choose how to leave this earth it would be in my sleep why because its peacefully and my eyes will forever be closed I trip out big time he definitely was an Angel living among us we just didn’t know god puts people in our lives for a reason sometimes for just right now or maybe for a long period of time as some serves us as lessons , and others are meant to stay with us forever David may not be here physically but he is here in all of our hearts for ever  until we meet again someday Pimp …




Thank you so much for these kind words for my cousin he loved you and the industry so much.

April 15, 2015 at 5:52 pm Lucy Reply

    thank you lucy he meant alot to all of us in the industry that he was part of too

    April 24, 2015 at 9:46 am Calipso Aranda Reply

Very touching!

April 15, 2015 at 8:38 pm Angela Reply

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