Is LOVE really that Complicated ?!

January 26, 2017 1



It is, but it really isn’t , our needs are complicated because they are never fulfilled. And if its not complicated then it isn’t LOVE I hear ppl say that a lot but in my opinion it doesn’t have to be ppl in general make it that way because we are so demanding and I get it peeps it’s good to be picky but really? when people claim they want a great person that fulfills every aspect Goals, Money , Heart, Needs, Attention that’s ok right ? but then they add like a list of other things attached next to it , like they have to be hot , have a nice body , be vegan , come from a great wealthy family , must not have been married I mean the list goes on and on need I say more?  what ever happend  to just being to bond with someone at a level so intense that they straight out Mind Fucked you ? yep I said it , I know we lost a lot of the simpler times because we live in the stupid era of Social Media Madness and frankly I really hate it cause there isn’t anything more better than actually talking to the person on the phone for hrs at night and actually meeting up with them to have great endless convo , no days people are just hooking up with each other and breaking things off via text or social media this is why Love is complicated because we hardly  get to tell the other person how we feel cause we back out too much on our feelings for the sake of out beloved egos , If only we can go back to simpler times when all the phones where plugged  on the kitchen wall next to the table while mom was washing the dishes and you had to whisper all the naughty stuff and then followed by a giggle LOL .

Love is full of twist and turns evil and bad at the same time gotta play your cards rights and have to always keep your guard up always ?? we all have walls seriously sometimes Eff these dam walls let yourself be loved and love I know sometimes we think of ourselves as all High and mighty but seriously you are not God or the Queen of London stay in your lane let loose every once in a while and still keep your eyes peeled but have fun enjoy moments cause everything  in life is  temporary & short-lived so grab it and don’t let it go ,  don’t rush things, anything worth having is worth waiting for .

Example : Lisa and Bob got Engaged and Bob got Lisa a Ring he can afford and Lisa wanted that 2.0 carat Diamond ring the size of her eyes but Bob couldn’t give that to her , they planned this huge wedding with over budget expenses Bob could only afford about 20,000 and she went like 40,000 Bob loves Lisa so much that he didn’t care and now Lisa and Bob are married but with no money for a future because Bob has a ring to pay and a wedding expenses for days and the marriage well the marriage is falling apart because there isn’t enough money to pay for everything  Lisa regrets marrying Bob cause she can only be kept happy with material things she should have just married a sugar daddy to keep up with her expensive taste !!!.

I’d rather have the cheaper ring and a Marriage filled with all the qualities that I’ve always wanted in a Happy Marriage I’d take that any day people now days lost all the good ol fashion qualities seriously couples don’t know what to do anymore so they Give up !!! 

Love is Dangerous in the Wrong Hands.

Calipso Xo

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