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April 15, 2015 0

This weeks Fierce and Bold is none other than my Good Friend Jenny the Founder of IZA a woman’s online and has her own Store in Chino Ca , her passion for Fashion and Make-up started at a very early age she started playing with Make-up and putting outfits together and catching up on all the latest trends She found herself perfecting the techniques by trying out the latest trends on others and herself. Whether it was a family member, friend or acquaintance, she was the one to call to help them enhance their natural beauty and style. For many years, it was mainly a hobby where she could express herself through other people, which brought joy to her life by seeing how her artwork uplifted their self-esteem and confidence.

How Did it all Start?

Before turning her hobby into a career, she decided to pursue her education and received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration before the age of 21. Soon after that, she was working in the white-collar industry for over five years, shortly after she felt as though she was lacking something in her professional career. She always knew what she wanted and with an entrepreneur mentality she decided to go back to her hobby of playing with makeup and fashion. After discovering she could peruse this as a career, she brushed up on her techniques

What was Jenny Doing to in the meantime ?

shortly after started to build her clientele as a makeup artist. As a result it lead her to work and experience the beauty industry from a different perspective by expressing her talent through commercials, fashion shows, music videos, photo shoots, events, weddings, and birthday celebrations.
After six years of being in the industry she decided  it was time to combine her love for fashion to her existing business. In 2010 she opened a clothing store in Mexico, by 2012 she launched her online boutique .


When did IZA become what it is now?

by 2012 she launched her online boutique and in 2014 she opens doors to her first store front in Chino, CA.
With her extensive experience and training in beauty and fashion this entrepreneur is fearless when it comes to business and what she is passionate about, making her clients/customers confident inside and out.

Iza is on top of the latest fashion trends at very affordable  prices from shoes, to  handbags and even work out cloths , when you see Jenny she is surrounded  by many people that support her and that wear all IZA brand clothing Including me she calls them IZA Girls she is styling all the ladies one city at a time #GETITGURL And we wish Jenny all the best success in the world and truly a big thank you for making me look good at all my outing events or any shows I get to do for EDI Media or Radio Centro 93.9


If your looking for something fun or even Casual chick shop www.IZA.LA and use Promo Code CALIPSO for a 10% off at Check out 

romper_3  Make sure you follow IZA on Social Media 




One more Question I love asking these “Oh Man that was a Good Question “

Any Advice you would give to someone pursuing the same path your In?

My advice to women that are looking to purse their own business is to do it and don’t be afraid. There is never going to be a right time, you have to be your number one supporter, educate yourself in your field, make a plan and everyday work on it and a make it a point to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Is There a Meaning Behind the Name IZA?

When I was transitioning for my other business name, I wanted the “new” one to have a meaning, personal, short and that I could brand. I came up with Iza which are the last three letters of my last name.

Here’s to Strong Woman May we Know them, May we be Them, May we Raise them”

A WOMAN is FULL CIRCLE… within HER is the power to create, nurture and transform”

A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying “


Thank you for reading This weeks Fierce and Bold I hope we have empowered and Inspired you to get out there and Be Fierce and Bold women need to empower one another always I have seen a lot hate and jealousy in this Industry but there are a few that will take the take to tell you that what you do is great and in some way you are inspiring If there is someone that you follow or maybe a co-worker , a teacher just anyone that inspires you tell them you might just make their day and they probably didn’t even know its time to recognize  those that are making a difference  in life your life or someone else life if you enjoyed this article let your friends know this might help someone who is trying to figure things out !!! Fierce & Bold is Exactly what Jenny Araiza is from modeling to her owning her own store This Spicy Latina is perfect example of a great leader …

Calipso xoxo




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