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Discovered in 2012, Raggedy Tiff is known for its eclectic Folk-Cultural style, with an eccentric personality, & daring feel. Specializing in accessories & apparel, Raggedy Tiff is known for its unique pattern prints, bizarre fabrics & exquisite trims.

She goes by the Name of Jessica Resendiz, it started at the the age of 8 making hair accessories and at the age of 12 , she began to hand stitch and was determined to master the sewing machine. She followed her passion for fashion all through High school and attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, California. 

“Take a Lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic ” ~FRIDA KAHLO~

Lo Que No me Mata, Me Alimenta” 

When we think of LA, we think Big pond small fish, Raggedy Tiff was born in 2013

where all her inspirations and creativity came to life. She knew she wanted to take it to the next level by having an accessory & apparel line. For many years, she has been sourcing, developing, and researching for her brand.  

Now, as a Fashion Guru myself, I love unique styles that have a meaning behind it, I see what she means from her amazing designs to La Virgencita  to  Frida Kahlo  , these pieces takes us way back in the days, when things were much simpler. and thought we have put those gangster whitewalls to rest think again because Raggedy Tiff has them in earrings her designs are truly amazing and each one is hand crafted by her , she is inspired by the L.A cultural, Mexican heritage, Folk Art, Vivid Colors, Street Fashion, & Rare fabrics. Raggedy Tiff is for every daring woman, who likes to be different and loves to be creative in her own sense of style. Jessica, makes sure everything is from scratch ( from start to finish). She is known for using vivid prints, handcrafted and hand painted every little detail & producing exquisite pieces of one of a kind. It’s unique style has been recognized by many designers, artists, and celebrities.

NXD_1460 El Corazon Necklace made by unique fabric, this piece was one of her hardest ones she’s done.

I started following Raggedy Tiff about a year now and when I came across the La Virgencita Pendant I had to stop everything and order it ASAP!  because in the post it said They are limited & they are flying Fast hey I am a sucker for this I fall easy …

I had a Nice Q&A with Jessica I know your dying to find out more about this Hard Working Latina 


Q: The Name Raggedy Tiff what is the meaning behind that Name ?

A:The meaning of RaggedyTiff comes from my daughter name Tiffany. In my vision it means: Raw and Unique, plus I wanted to include my daughter name.

Q: who inspired you as a young child that made you want to get into your own designs ?

A:I grew up very independent always making stuff for me to wear from headpieces to tearing up my clothes because I was never satisfy with my clothing. When i was in 6th grade we read a book call ” The Hundred Dresses” from there I knew I wanted to create designs of my own, & so i did. Books and Movies really encouraged me to be a designer, my little mind was insanely filled with ideas and creations as little girl. Watching movies and wanting to recreate or make something inspired by it was just amazing. The 1st piece i made was a flower slinky dress inspired by Rosie from the film “La Bamba”

Q: what are words that you live by?

A: Stay original and always design from the heart.
To never let negative people interrupt you’re dreams.

Q: If you could tell your younger self any advice what would it be ? Im not saying your old but you know what I mean LoL

A: Haha ! to be patient , everything has its time and moment.


Q: Is there any Famous designers that you would love to work with ? let say you had the opportunity to work or collab with anyone you want who would it be and Why?

A: I would of loved to work with ( Edith Head) a well known costume designer. Her work was amazing and I admired her passion. If i can work with any designer today, it would Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana . Their work is splendid and ive always admire their designs. I do everything by hand meaning I either hand sewn or use a machine to sew my pieces. They do the same for their couture collections, knowing they hand sewn pieces makes me excited ! i feel like we have things in common, when it comes to designing. 


Q: Any advice you can give any future designer persuing the same thing? words of wisdom

A: Always follow you’re heart, & design with PRIDE.
Never compete with others, just compete with yourself .


Q: Where do you see yourself and Raggedy Tiff in 10 yrs ??

A: I’m working in my showroom/design studio and hoping in a few years I expand to open boutiques. Who knows maybe even in different states. For the meantime im starting slow and in small bites…..


For most women it’s hard to follow through with things and we often get so discouraged that it will take a lot of time and dedication and most of all the doubt if it will be a success or not,this did not scare Jessica she had the drive and motivation and most of all she believed in herself and mastered her skills with creation after creation and I have to say that doing things with love makes the creation a masterpiece that’s why it works and there is no doubt in my Mind that Raggedy Tiff will be a Boutique like she says , we need more women like her in this world to keep creating those pieces that take us back in the day to remind us what things used to be like but with a touch of her SazZZ , Her pieces are very unique and they remind me a lot of my childhood and teenage yrs , Its when someone compliments you on something that you are wearing and you tell em all about it and where to find it. 

” she had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, and the spirit of a G”

 We will be hearing A lot more about Raggedy Tiff,  because she a lot of great things coming up and we will keep you updated for sure , and we wish her the most success in all that she does , to keep motivating all other females that are just barley getting started. Remember,  if your Dreams don’t Scare you then they are not Big enough !!  Jessica does this #ConAMOR porque esto #SiSePuede

Arriba Todas Las Mujeres Chingonas!

Make sure you go visit her site www.RAGGEDYTIFF.COM


Photo Credits: Photographer Carlos Perez (IG @NIXDAD)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fierce And Bold I hope this has helped you to get a better picture of what it’s like to build a brand from scratch.

Thank you for reading, 

Calipso xoxo 


Great article Calipso,
Thanks very much for the support and beautiful words . Woke up to this ! & made my Friday brighter .

Jess !

April 24, 2015 at 7:15 am Jess Reply

    Glad you liked it please visit me soon here and keep us updated of all your great designs
    Calipso xoxo

    April 24, 2015 at 9:45 am Calipso Aranda Reply

      I will definitely visit !!! oxoxoxo Stay BRIGHT!!!

      April 24, 2015 at 11:05 am Jess Reply

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