December 17, 2015 0

One Day you’ll make piece with your demons, and the chaos in your heart will settle flat. and maybe for the first time in your life , life will smile right back at you and welcome you home”


As we reflect on the holidays and the new year we want to make sure life is in tact , new goals pursue new adventures perhaps loose some weight or get rid of excess emotional baggage , I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues that have severely  damaged my emotions and trying to come at peace with them has been a hard job for me at least for the few yrs and it wasn’t till just recently that someone who has been the cause of this emotional roller coaster  wanted to call it truce to sum it up basically just let me wash my hands and no hard feelings and a sorry here and there but hey that’s life type of thing….

I have always told myself to never hate others and to wish those that have done me wrong well because the way I see it God can only Judge me and God is watching he puts people your life and removes them for a reason we have all heard this , I think it wasn’t till I was driving home that night that made me realize that some people don’t  desserve  others to be a part of their lives  and as much as you can try to make them realize the faults and they don’t see it, it’s no use trying the world they live in is the only world they want to know , Sometimes certain people are toxic in your life and you don’t realize it until so many terrible things have occurred and leaves your wondering if your the crazy one , Life has a funny way of making you realize how much your worth is , the constant stabbing on the heart and back could just be something out of the norm and funny thing is that you knew what was right and wrong but you went ahead and ignored your feelings you followed your heart instead and there is nothing wrong with that its ok just make sure you snap out it soon before you know it another 5 yrs has passed and your still currently in the same situation 

4451d31bfb1d3495d0d0ecf132002f58The fear of loosing oneself is always going to play a major factor and starting a new year with a positive new circle will always be s blessing you don’t need a huge circle you just need at least one handful perhaps being alone for awhile will do you some good sometimes we need to block ourselves from the universe to see and realize things and to be able to understand them , one of the worst feelings is when you truly have such great intentions for others but they don’t give it back and sometimes they need to loose you in order to realize that in fact you were that rare Diamond all along .

Calipso xo


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