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It’s been a long minute since my last blog and I’m so happy to be back , I will admit Love is on the brain like the song , being in love is always a good thing and people were noticing my smile and glow I guess and just being so happy with on-self its so amazing what the feeling of love can do to you , and also how that one person can make you forget about all those other jerks that played you for a fool and did nothing but waste your time , it’s like no wonder it didn’t work out with them cause this one did .  When I love I love hard and I think I speak for most woman , it’s hard for a man to find a good woman now days with all the strict requirements that us Independent have …

It’s no wonder so many relationships are failing and are not lasting long enough , I said to myself when I have my man I am going to take soooo good care of him that he’s going to feel like a King when the time came to confront all these challenges I was literally so confused with what to do cause I wasn’t used to having someone in my life and , being in a relationship is hard and I have realized this and I even questioned myself am I ready for this ?? It’s ok to feel some kind of doubt cause all these men are dealing with stuck up independent woman that swear their shit don’t stink. I try to make things easier and avoid the drama but the more you try to avoid it does seem to follow you and hit you with the biggest curveball , I think LOVE conquers all and if there mutual love between the both of you I seriously think the relationship will be ok . Without communication things will be all over the place and the road will get very bumpy trust me , I am a very persistant person and I never want to go to bed angry or ruins someone’s day that’s the worst cause what if something happend to that person and you never got to express the way you feel about them cause they are gone or something happend to them that isn’t something that anyone would want to live with for the rest of their life right? when we are angry or in the heat of the moment we say things that we don’t mean and I am pretty sure it bites us in the ass sooner or later . I got to experience one of the best feelings of all time and that was to LOVE …but it was short lived when things get bumpy people change and the relationship starts to go left instead of right . Now what about this thing called closure that keeps running back and forth my head ? well sometimes we don’t ever get the closure we deserve as long . If you know deep down that you gave it your all then just roll with that God puts people in your life for a reason and he takes them away from you for a reason too..but I wasn’t ready for him to do that just yet it wasn’t fair I felt like God just teased me with just a taste of happiness and then he took it all away within a heartbeat cause literally that’s how it felt.

    It’s Nice To Have Someone In Your Life Who Can Make You  Smile Even When They Are Not Around.

 I learned a whole lot from him I took so much with me I will never forget he taught me so much about myself and this thing called love I at least have the most fondest memories stored in my heart that can never go away as much as I try  I was very much ready to give all my love what can I say I am a hopeless romantic and LOVE ALWAYS ABOVE ALL .. Chin up mi Reyna or the crown falls off.


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