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Hello my Loves and I hope your having a wonderful week so far Love is definitely in the air and so is the stress because if your the guy you probably waited very last minute to get your girl something Am I right ???  No Pressure today’s blog post is a two part deal its my Outfit of the day details and let you guys know what she really wants from you …


photo 2-6   I love love dresses with Flowers can you tell ?? and when a Man gives you flowers , that is a way huge plus you will sweep her off her feet for sure …


IMG_1218Sure Chocolates are nice but really ??? I think its corney but to each their own , whether you are both new in the relationship or been together for a while now the most that she wants out of you is just you undivided time with you … yep that simple she doesn’t want you on your phone , she want’s you to tell her how amazing she is and how she deserves the world , take her to a road trip a nice calm setting bring some wine and just really talk to her , also she wants a public declaration of love show her off on your social media every now and then be proud to have her , she wants you to be nice her and always be honest , also she wants to know how happy you are to be with them , she also wants you to hold her tight and promise to never let her go you should probably whisper those kind words to her every now and then they want to be felt secure in the relationship men every now and then you gotta check in with that , but most of all she just wants to be LOVED !!!


My Dress is from Charloute Russe 

I meant to wear a red belt to give me a shape form but I forgot , this is a great outfit for a day time casual date with him or if your single hey go have lunch with your girls , and the studded leather jacket gives it that night look so you can go grab drinks later have fun ladies and if your single its ok cupid will find you your prince charming ..

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