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You know every  time your mama said something to you that you didn’t like you had to roll your eye’s you know you did well for this mother’s day I’d like to bring all of that back let’s see if we nailed it and please share these your going to relate or enjoy some of these , perhaps you don’t have your mother with you know now but your memory of her will always be with you .

I’m only doing this for your own good.

It’s only your mother who’s going to tell you the truth.

As long as I’m around , I’ll be your mother.

You can be sure of two things in this world : there is a God , and your mother loves you . 

Anna Hall Roosevelt 

Don’t worry , there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Be careful what you wish for ; you might get it .

As long as you live under my roof , you’ll do as I say .

I’m not asking you — I’m telling you .

This is not a Hotel .

Go Ahead , be Bad

You have to have an answer for everything , don’t you ?

Everybody else may be doing it , but you’re not going to .

Always put toilet paper on the seat .

Don’t take candy from strangers

Never Nap after a meal or you’ll get fat .

Don’t run with a lollipop in your mouth.


Don’t do anything you wouldn’t  do if I were sitting on your shoulder.

Don’t start anything you don’t plan to finish .

Don’t say No without thinking twice.



You can do it .

If a thing is worth doing , it’s worth doing well.

Everybody has to do the best with what he’s got .

Never say Never.

You’re not in competition with anyone but yourself .


A lady never smokes on the street .

A Lady doesn’t swear out loud .

A skirt should be tight enough to show you’re a woman , but loose enough to show you’re a lady.

Sit up straight .

For every white hair you pluck out , two more grow in


You’re lucky to have a mother like me .

A man does not want to a lazy wife .

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach .

When you have your kids your going to understand .


Don’t go out with your hair wet , you’re going to get sick .

I think there’s probably a book about this somewhere and I sometime’s our moms may nag us almost everyday but those are loving words just trying to guide to greatness had I listened to my mother on more than half of what she told me man I wish I could have but it’s too late and we realized it when the damage has been done , we as moms needs to let out kids make mistakes because that’s how they learn let them .

Being a mother is such a challenging job that everyday is a new learning experience and being s single mother is double the duty and I want to wish all the hard working mothers that have to do the job of the father as well may god always guide you and give you the strength to continue to raise your babies May we praise you and solute you Mamas we are like super heroes with that invinsible cape .

I am a mother of two of a beautiful 20 yr old girl and a very energetic 8 year old they will always be my babies xoxo Happy Mother’s day



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