Rock of Ages “Rock & Roll Style in the Name of LOVE”

February 10, 2016 0

What’s Rocking my Rockstars ???? today’s outfit inspiration is Rock and Roll and those that really know me know that I love Band T-shirts and Vintage clothing and there are so many ways you can rock this look cause Rock is a hard edge style to it and boyish but add that sassy touch to it and you got yourself a Rocking Style …..



Guns & Roses Tank by Forever 21 

Zipped Faux Leather Skirt by Forever 21 all under $30.00



This is a great outfit idea if your just getting into something very mellow or maybe your hunny bunny has something planned for you and he’s taking you to a concert to see a live band hey you never know .


ladies if your the type to snoop around on your man and trying to dig what he has up his sleeve don’t forget to act surprised ..


“Life isn’t perfect , But your Outfit can be “


What is a Valentine’s day without a Dam Kiss so Pucker up and if he’s a bad kisser just move on ladies Kissing is Fun and do a lot of it <3

IMG_1576   My Top is from Wet Seal “Kiss” Bottoms Fashion Nova 



I hope you liked todays #HerStyle this is not Intended for Tall and Skinny , Ladies you don’t need to be a size 3 and 5’7 to rock a fab style because Style is a way to say who you are without saying a word…

Rock on Ladies and Gents 


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