She Loved Him And He Loved Her , But it Wasn’t That Simple

November 15, 2015 0

A lot of Relationships right now are not Lasting long enough there are many reasons why but I think the  top reasons is because people in the relationship are “LAZY” and they seem to get annoyed at the hard work that has to get put in to make it work so the easy way out it ‘OUT” you go about your life and I go about mine and it was nice knowing ya !!! 

It really is so sad to see this happen Like Hello did you think that only One Person was just going to do all the work?? Perhaps the man might be ok with that but fellas the ladies will get tired of that .

Wouldn’t it be nice if the honeymoon stage lasted forever ? and wouldn’t it be nice to have those butterflies every time you see him or her ? now that I’m thinking about it I wonder if I ever gave anyone butterflies , I’m sad now LoL ok back to this post Yes you can have all that it just requires  time hard work , communication  and Love a lot of Love , Devotion and the feelings need to genuinely be there , It’s easy for a man to pick up and move on faster than a woman because the level of I don’t care is Less and it’s easier for the man to say on to the Next because  men don’t really carry that much baggage as for the woman we do, we come with a lot of baggage .

If you truly want to make things work with someone you will find ways of doing it , and stop using excuses , If there is something that you don’t like this person trying to change them is a Huge Big Mistake unless you try to change them for the Better why not accept someone with their  Flaws and All maybe just learn to adjust with them and if you can’t  be happy with that then move on at least you can say that you have tried, but did you really give it that 100% ??? 

Men : Woman like Details , Like Flowers and Love notes , morning texts with how beautiful  she is inside and out , woman just want to be loved and for you to acknowledge them to the world Remember Detail if you have one of those ladies that material things don’t matter to them where it’s the littlest things that matter , you my friend have got yourself a great woman because  it is the smallest things that count and if you have a woman that is only happy with you when you buy her expensive gifts to just make her happy then you my friend are in Debt and in trouble , making love to her is the key sensual and more intimate .


Ladies : Men like Sex , Booze, Food , Tease and Intensive Flirting that Leads to Sex and Probably in this order along with more Booze and in this Order too most likely and if you have a man that wants to have sex with you a lot ladies that’s ok keep him happy and satisfied always because you don’t want him to get it elsewhere , men like it when you dress up for them and role play but they also like a smart intelligent  lady that can cook , a way to man’s heart is Through his Stomach , they also like spur of the moment things if you know what I mean it’s kinda like you need to play the role of his mistress always , you notice the difference with the two ?? major but it can work if you both balance and communicate , it’s not going to be easy but it can work .

“I wasn’t insane until someone Touched my Heart ” ~Edgar Allan Poe~

If you have to second guess someone so many times and still can’t figure it out as much as you try maybe it’s time to move on you never want to go back and say What if ?? That’s the worse part .

I hope this Blog post was helpful  trying to understand  the opposite sex is hard and we are never going to figure it out so stop doing that and enjoy the relationship  getting to know someone is deep and heart felt it’s a beautiful thing when you both feel the same way .

Calipso XO


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