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photo-7                                                         ” My Parents Were The Original Dreamers “

Ever hear three times a charm ? well thats how my journey is the 3rd time I crossed the border was when I finally stayed and for good !! I am still in pursuit of my American Dream nothing in life ever really comes easy or free , I am proud of my roots and proud to be Mexican Born 100% but I am seriously the most whitest piasa you will ever meet and I mean that is the most funniest way .

Citllally Aranda Calipso Born October 21 , 1977 

I was born in a small ranchito in Mexico about an hour away from Puerto Vallarta population not that many , my mom had me in a room not a hospital and a midwife help my mother , my father was already in the USA working trying to send money to mom so he missed my birth I ain’t mad you gotta do what you gotta do , my mother was young and scared and she had a new child to take care of, I was about 3 months old and my mother was already making moves in going to California and she did but without me she left me with my grandmother to care for me until she figured out how to cross me over it wasn’t too long but the way it was done was far too risky to bare , my grandmother had to give me up to some white folks they are called the “Coyotes” but they were good kind hearted Coyotes , I used someone else birth certificate so I can pass for Caucasian cause I looked like white baby I was very Guerita , I remember my Grandma telling that she cried when she gave me up to those white folks cause those people could have just ran off with me or killed me but my guardian angels have been with me since day one my mother met me on the other side she was waiting for me as soon as she saw me it was a big huge relief of seigh , I don’t know if  I would have been able to go through with something like that but it was a risk she had to take it was a close call …


My mother was working really hard to support me and it was getting very challenging my dad was not in the picture due to some very bad circumstances so my mother had to take me back to Mexico with my grandparents she had no choice ….

I had to stay with them for a while my mom missed me but mom and dad was abuelita and abuelito I was the princess of the house I mean I was young I didn’t know much just that I liked to play with dolls and get dirty .



                                    I was a happy kid with all the freedom in the world to run around and be a traviesa, I was probably about at least 3 or 4 yrs old my mother came to Mexico and got me and we were to cross the border at least this time toghether I didn’t know what was going on only that my mom said we are going on a long trip this time these coyotes had us cross the border in the dessert but not the river , the stories that I hear about the dessert that Immigrants get killed , raped , lost , or die due to no food or water so either way it was a big risk to take my mother tells me this story all the time that I was the happiest little girl just running around the dessert and exploring what I was getting myself into I guess to me it was like an adventure she had to always run after me and hold my hand and yell at me constantly to not get lost cause someone could grab me and kidnap me , well we eventually made it over the border my father was to meet us and pick us up on the other side , that didn’t last very long because I had to get sent back again things were not as easy as it seemed my parents tried and well here we go again now the 3rd time I do remember because I was about 5 yrs old but still even at that age that’s too little to remember such detail , like the smell of a mans urine in a house full of immigrants and just staring at each other seeing who can be trusted with who , I remember being close to my mother every second of that moment I never let her go cause I was scared and all I remember is asking my mother how long are we staying at this house for ? she could’nt even tell me cause she didn’t even know …

We finally got our turn to leave the house and when it was time to go they gathered at least 4 or 5 females now my mother tells me that one of my aunts was with us but I don’t recall ever here being there but hey I was only 5 what do I know , so we finally are in front of a nice classic car with the  trunk open and the coyote explaining to my mom and the other ladies what they needed to do I was the only child there and we were to all fit in the trunk closed as it drove pass the border now a kid at 5 yrs old will think that riding in the trunk is cool but can you imagine a mature woman ?? that to me now does not sit very well maybe that’s why I am a little claustrophobic now sometimes I think about when I was in the trunk , I remember  telling my mother while we were in the trunk that the first thing I wanted to do was eat KFC or McDonald’s cause that’s what they would talk about in Mexico about California I wanted Hot Cakes and my mother said yes to everything , now I don’t remember the drive being too long I just get flashbacks of other woman’s hair in my face and the light in the trunk and being next to my mom and just talking to her the whole ride ,  My mother tears up all the time every time she tells me this story , and I am tearing at this very moment just writing it because I can’t believe that I went through all of this at such a young age and I can only Imagine the pain or fault that my mother experienced all just to have a better opportunity at life , to get an education and pursue one’s dream The American Dream , I know my story is motivational and will inspire others to not give up , I grew up in California and my parent worked really hard for me and my brother to have a better living and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank my God above for guiding us in those dangerous times , I could have been dead me and my mother because there are evil people out there that have no heart I wonder all those coyotes that helped me and my mother if they are still alive or not I would love to thank them , I became a citizen of the USA when I was married to my Ex- husband now the father of my kids , I wanted to take a government job I went to school to better my education but that didn’t work out as planned !!



 I eventually left my toxic relationship packed my stuff and took my two kids with me , I Knew the road ahead wasn’t going to be an easy one , I put myself through broadcasting school got my certificate and landed a promote job at a Los Angeles Radio Station worked there for 5 yrs until I finally got my big break and got the opportunity to get put on-air as mornings 6am-1pm Monday-Saturday and Sunday’s 10-3pm my dreams became my reality but very short lived but boy did I enjoy every minute of it getting taken of the air was very hard to bare because it was something that I enjoyed doing and it was my passion my love I tried going to other places but got turned down many times , I landed a full time position as a News Host for a Chinese Media company then got laid off a year later I was still working at the other spanish station but it was only part time nobody was able to offer me a full time position spanish radio is so cut throat I was heavily disappointed  ,  but I didn’t want to give up on my dream at least not that easy , my radio resume has been a good 9 yrs and still working on it I haven’t been able to get back on-air due to many reasons but I am still pulling through , I work for a great company that has over 6 stations here in LA and just been learning so much , I had to start all over again I was even applying for a promotions position it took me about 8 months to get hired here and I was so happy but also so sad that I knew things wasn’t going to be easy , I am a host for a well known internet stream station and I enjoy doing that but it isn’t the same cause its not FM radio I hope to someday be back on the LA airwaves and make people smile and laugh with my fun going personality and  I am not giving up not one bit I have worked so hard to build all this experience to just throw it all away , I am still in pursuit of my American Dream I didn’t cross no borders for nothing and even though they want to build this wall to keep other dreamers away that’s not going to happen , my life isn’t easy it’s very hard I am a single mother of two with a daughter who is ill but who manages to fill and step in the shoes of her father who hasn’t lifted a single finger and I thank God every day to giving me this thick skin that I am able to shield anytime anyone throws a stab at me , I have done things on my own with very little to no help and I am ok with that cause the time spent on learning is seeing the outcome is just priceless , I live for my kids and I want to be the role model that they deserve , I am not perfect nor do I intend to be .


 I live in a Country where dreams are made of , I work in a city where many dream of and there are so many people that just take all this for granted deeply , I wake up every morning with a thankful heart and a mindset of Lets do this cause I have been my only motivator at life cause I went through so much that it could be worse , If you are reading this just know that with the grace of God anything is possible if you put it out there in the universe I know I am not where I want to be but I am where I am supposed to be right now at this very moment god wrote this chapter right now and with due time things will fall into place , I was made fun of in elementary school being called a beaner or a wetback and bullied or got made fun of at work but all those people that belittled me made me realize to not be like them , always bring out the best in people and be Diamond always be a Diamond !! 


Citlally Calipso xoxo




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