March 13, 2016 0

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Spring is in the Air and this spring don’t be afraid to wear those brights that you have always wanted to wear I never really liked yellow when I was younger cause it was such an ugly color to me , what was I thinking I love yellow now and still kinda skeptic in wearing on me cause it does nothing for my skin color cause at times I can look really pale so Instead I choose to wear the color in a bottom piece and I love it just in time for spring this can be a casual sheik look and you can pull this off even for a nice brunch with the girls 

My Yellow short Skirt is from H&M

Denim Botton up from American Eagle Outfitters




ladies remember that Denim goes with everything and there isn’t a wrong way to wear it now days and it’s my favorite thing to wear Denim I am having trouble finding a button up denim shirt that doesn’t open in the boob part its a Curvy girl problems Indeed .

Darlings I hope you enjoyed your read and most especially that sunset much later in the time one of my favorite times of the year because its 8pm and the sun is barley just setting



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