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Spring has Sprung and we couldn’t be anymore happier and we were ready for it !!!!!

This weeks Her Style I wanted to showcase the Doll who is more on the edgy side but is a tad bit sweet , and don’t get me wrong you definitely do not want to mess with her just because she has a Tulle Skirt don’t mean she can’t turn on ya *wink wink* I mean that leather jacket says she’s ruff and tuff , this look is definitely in and I decided to put my hair up on a bun to look more proper for this great outfit idea for this Easter Sunday .

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Girl with an Attitude can go very Far these days I wanted to pair it up with a Denim Button up but this just looks more rebellious  .




Tulle Skirt is by Lauren Conrad @Kohls 

Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket Forever 21

*Pair it with a Black short Mid Drift Top to show off the Body Frame IMG_1887 You can also go with a shorter Version of this Skirt if you wanted to show off some legs



IMG_1861Begin Each Day with a little COURAGE and a Little CURIOSITY and a little spring in your Step..

IMG_1926 A Flower does not think of competing with the next Flower, It just Blooms …


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Spring is here wether you like it or not and for those that gave up something for Lent it means a lot to them I didn’t give up anything because I feel I have already bettered myself in many ways already I just need to work on my people skills and not let other walk all over me too much thank you for stoping by my Darlings <3 

Calipso Xo photo-3



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