January 12, 2017 0

When one is dwelling on so many problems wether it be personal , work , family or even relationships you always tell yourself that things are going to be OK well because that’s all you can do right? I don’t know how many times I always get myself out of a bad one it’s like God really ?? your killing me why me ? what did I do in life to deserve this , all of 2016 I was really winging it True Story and I still kinda am cause things are not really stable for me to pursue my next chapter in life , I have this crazy idea that things will fall into place not sure when but they will , and my last resort will be moving out of the country LOL ok not too drastic but it has really crossed my mind once or twenty times , I think a lot of my coping with issues is knowing that God knows that I do the best that I can to provide for my children with this whole single mom issue even though I’m considered a horrible mother *Rolls Eyes* but it all comes down to having the very best of faith within myself and finding it is very challenging and it can get very frustrating and annoying sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself when that happens then I think about how will my future man ever put up with me in these times poor guy like really poor guy .

I have every reason to believe  that what ever it is you have to face in life you never truly face it alone because there is something or someone out there watching over you I always speak highly of God and know that you are not alone all the time also think about it there is someone out there facing the exact same issues as you are or even worse , and  perhaps you don’t see the bigger picture because  your not really painting it yourself but really see the bigger picture and just try to sit back and imagine the problem being way worse then it usually is at least that’s what I do to check myself , and at the end of the day everything is going to be ‘OK”  trust me this year I am not allowing anyone to step or walk all over me and I am valuing my worth more than ever and if things didn’t go a certain way that’s ok move on to the next don’t dwell on it if you learned a valuable lesson out of it then everything will be just fine , surround  yourself with nothing but positive  people all around  and if there is negative around just don’t absorb it  just brush it off .

“You Eliminate Darkness When You Turn On  The Light”

I know everything is going to be ok because I fail to make the same mistakes Twice and I refuse to ever take steps backwards then stepping forward , look no matter how long it takes just take that step cause your dammed if you just sit there and wait for things to happen or get handed to you that you should always keep in mind and tell yourself each and everyday everything  is going to be ok not sure how but it’s going to be ok .


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