The One you just Never want to Give up on …

March 2, 2015 0

i hope one day you’ll realize how you were , never alone. because you were here once and i’ve always been with you, even when you were out. searching for yourself


r.m  drake

This can mean just about anything in any given moment and ever just have such a hard time of letting go of the bad that serves no purpose to you ? example why waste your time on anyone who doesn’t even give a rats ass about you , but yet you still choose to be there…. because you care just a little too much and you can keep caring all you want and this person will never see it the way you do it how in the world do you stop this ?? it’s easier said than done when we say just stop caring and move on if you do you your going to always have the curiosity if they will even notice and let me tell you yes they do and they will miss you , it’s never a good idea to put 100% on something that your not sure of if your gonna get anything back in return especially on a feeling we waste our time on things that do no good to us but we insist on it and won’t give up until we get hurt and leave us broken inside and who is going to mend us back again ? well nobody but yourself we only have ourselves to , we must always welcome the end of all things for sometimes knowing nothing last forever , is the only way we can learn to fall in love with all the moments and all the people that are meant to take our breath away. 

You need to value your worth and let it be known you are not anyone to be walked on all over , sometimes we care just too much about the other person that we loose focus on ourselves and loose it it’s best to to give that tuff love to other’s just to see if they appricate us little or nothing it’s their loss and perhaps you need to move on take things with a grain of salt and remember life is hard and so is love it’s hard because it’s work and most people are lazy to work at love sad but true , I knew this person that gave his all to someone and he never got anything out of it he wasted his yrs on someone that never gave him the time of day and she knew how amazing he was but never really loved herself enough to give herself the chance to truly be happy for once …He won’t give up her he says Never not in this lifetime.


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