The Stephford Wife “Valentine’s Day Outfit

February 8, 2016 0


Could we be any more proper did you even see the Movie ?? ok ladies this Outfit Inspo is definitely easy to pull off and just in time for that early Lunch with Le Husband or that special someone when you see him across the table tease him with tell him what you plan to do with him later *wink wink* .

Curl your Hair to give it that Sexy Vixen Vibe “Im sure he will mess it up later “

Can’t Go Wrong with Red Lipstick Ladies He will Love it , My Top is very Vintage cause I think I was born in the Wrong era seriously ..



My Skirt is From Forever 21 

Shoes/ Chinese Laundry 

Top / Forever 21 


What Not to do on Valentine’s Day 

Ladies whether your man doesn’t of all out for you or he does we must appreciate that he made the effort cause now days men are so lazy at showing that they care this is all too sad , perhaps you were waiting for that carrot diamond ring or that designer handbag but he gave you a Teddy bear with flowers instead and that’s ok maybe he wants to get you something better soon I would rather have an amazing relationship with him that is filled with pure love and respect over any dam expensive purse or jewelry …

“Come Closer , Until the stars do not matter, And the Light of your Face is all I Know”~ Unknown~

He waits for her  even without assurance , simply because  she’s worth the wait “

ladies make sure you thank him for making this day extra special just for you and if he didn’t even bother at all then you would know where you would stand with him , if he just wants you in the sack then he would show it trust me …



I think once your married to someone for so long it gets a little challenging with how to keep it spicy and your both need to re-invent ways of mixing it up thats why there is counseling , 2nd honeymoons , Porn , role play , playing dress up and you get the point cause it’s going very XXX Lol .

This was such a two part blog post and I hope you enjoyed your read and that it was helpful in some way , If you are new to this read please don’t forget to follow me on that Insta @CalipsoAranda

Besitos Calipso XoXo






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