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“Una Madre Solo Tienes Una Y Amala Siempre “


Happy Did De Las Madres first and foremost and If it wasn’t for my Ex’s mom I don’t know how I would have done it, I had a baby in my senior year and had to grow up fast and my ex-suegra helped me so much along the way she’s like a 2nd mother to me I owe like my life to that woman .Ella es Una Madre

My mother is my everything my rock , my biggest fan , my worst critic the other day she pointed out my weight gain and suggested I join the GYM and I was actually gonna do it anyway , and the next day she fixes me my lunch with all kinds of fattening food LOL , I swear I love that woman but sometimes she sure does test my patience. Ella es Una Madre 

My daughter had to take the role of a mother most of the time and step in as a dad too it’s fair to say that Ella es Una Madre.  

My Grandmother took care of me when I was a little baby  took me in as one of her own raised me while my mother  was in the states trying to pursue a better future , when it was time to give me up to the complete strangers the smugglers she didn’t want to she was scared they were going to kidnap me and would never see me again god with watching over me and I am grateful for that each and everyday .

There are some woman that take in children that even theirs I really hate the word step-mom but you know what I mean these woman will love those kids that they didn’t have like if they were their very own , care for them ,raise them Ella Es Una Madre     

There are mothers that will donate their eggs for the chance of other couples to bare children that’s amazing !!

I only have two kids and I almost had another one I am not going to go there but just know that I am still grieving it hasn’t been easy I have a little angel watching over me over us !!

Una Madre doesn’t always have it figured out but we act like we do I know so many mothers that be popping so many kids and act like they still don’t know what the fuck they are doing lady how about you get them tubes tied I did say that to someone one LOL. If you are a new mother and have no clue don’t worry I still sometimes have no clue I think we will worry about our babies even more when they grow old and are adults my oldest isn’t with me anymore and I miss her like hell but she’s off adulting having a social life and doing the things that I couldn’t do and maybe I get to see her a few times out of the month I am happy that she is happy !!

Una Madre isn’t always someone that had you by birth , and god bless you if this is you so many children in our world grew up with out a mother but someone stepped in for sure and shout out to all the fathers that are raising their  kids on their very own , our children need good mothers so be one and teach them the value of life the write from wrongs and most important love them unconditionally so many horrible things are happening in our society and when I see about school shootings , bomb threats with young adults I always question if perhaps they grew up with out loving parents that is so important so it starts with us , I am raising a little boy who will grow up to be a fine young man and he will treat his future wife with love and respect and he will treat her like a Queen because his mama is one and he is my little King 

Happy Mother’s Day remember to spoil yourselves every once in a while

XOXO Calipso


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