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She goes by the name of  Elvira Zamora born in Lima Peru and she has a Black Belt in the name of Fashion why ?? because she is a Stylist , and the CEO of Wardrobe Divas , and Designer to say the least if she isn’t at a fashion show then you might catch her at a photo shoot adding the last minute detail touches to her models in order to make them look like a Fab Diva , she has been in many trade shows along with her models , her work has been published in many magazine’s like oh say Vogue Italia .


We asked Elvira some   serious  questions  regarding her rise to Wardrobe Divas but don’t worry we had some fun with it to , maybe perhaps you are thinking of having your very own online store take a look at her hustle and her drive to of non-stop work that she calls her passion and her Baby ….

CA: We are gonna take this way back at what age did you know that fashion was your thing? did you dress up in your mother’s clothing behind her back ?

 WD: I knew it at an early age when I did not want to dress the same as everyone else. It really revealed itself to me Senior year in high school

 CA: What does fashion mean to you ?

WD: Everything. Means art, expression, freedom, life.

 CA: Is there a style that irritates you ? and why

 WD: The worst are the names of designers all over apparel, shoes, accessories, you look like a walking billboard/advertisement, if you were getting paid for it, I’d get it.

 CA: How did the Name wardrobe divas come about ?

WD: I was brainstorming with friends many years ago and it was a combo of ideas from me and sending it out for opinions, process of elimination and clever combination gave birth to Wardrobe Divas which to me it means – Stay humble, real and Let your style have or carry all the attitude.


 CA: Tell us a bit about your online boutique

WD: I carry unique items, one of a kind and soon some hand made accessories as well. I love variety, I don’t want people to say the shop is for this kind of girl or that kind of girl, it is for every girl, style, age and budget

 CA:You are also a Stylist is there and a lot of your work has been published is there one in particular that you are very proud of ?

WD: There has been a good number of work that thankfully has made it to magazines. The one I am most proud up until now is the Vogue Italia featuring my first up cycle fashion line, Welcome to D Circus, my babies made a cameo on that shot.



 CA:Any famous designers you would love to work with if given the opportunity ? And why ?

 WD: Betsey Johnson, she is incredibly talented, arty, follows her heart and own rules plus her fashion line is everything

 CA: If you could tell your younger self any advice what would it be ?? I am not saying your old but you know what I mean

 WD: Ha~! I know what you mean, child I would say save save save. Network, invest, keep your baby to yourself and never let anyone come in to your life unless they add some value, being open minded and nice at heart is not always good for business. It was a hard lesson that I can finally said I have learned.

Elivra’s Famous Quote she Lives ByLife is too short to wear boring clothes~

CA:When someone wears a wardrobe divas clothing what do you want them to feel?

 WD: Like a walking work of art, their own interpretation of how they like the world to see them and of course reflecting nothing but confidence.

 CA: Any advice for any future females or males that want to have their online store ?

 WD: Get ready to sacrifice rest, money and if you do not have patience, learn to get some, like I did. It is not easy at all, everyone thinks they want this, not everyone can achieve this dream, sadly a lot of people just talk about it but never really want to put in the work or money, so good luck to them.

 CA: What is the hardest part of your job ?

 Not having enough hours in the day to complete all my to dos.

  WD: Top 3 people that have inspired you they don’t have to be famous

 My father//Entrepreneur his whole life, fearless and takes risks

My mother//Smart with her money, trusts no one and takes care of herself

My sister//Unique style, makes it work and does not care what anyone thinks about it as it makes her happy, which is all that matters.

Elvira Zamora is Fierce and Bold Because she never let anyone stop her from persuing her Dreams and she continues to do so with her very close tight team , I have had the pleasure of working with her and one of the most nicest inspirational latina’s  I know, she has so many great projects in the making that you wonder where does she find the time to balance everything !!! We wish her luck in everything she does and lets always empower each other to help one another and before I forget she is an avid animal lover to her dogs they are also her babies they have even been in her shoots as well such Lucky Dogs LoL don’t  forget to shop www.WardrobeDivas.com follow her on Facebook  and Instagram 

Calipso Xo



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