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August 20, 2014 0

Everything that Happens to me is the best possible thing that can happen to Me”

So I am thrilled that I am reading this great Book called Zen And The Art Of Happiness by Chris Prentiss and it has truly moved me in so many ways because for some reason I was already Imagining most of my happy events that have happened in my life and I want to say that they have all been so positive and I must say that it all has to do with the attitude towards life and the great energy that one projects for them selves for the past 6 yrs I would wake up every morning and the first thing I would say is I am going to be on the Radio someday and everyone around me will be able to listen to me and those that doubted me will hate me even more every day I was always working on a goal or a method to try to be a better person , I started in Promotions at the Radio Station that I’m at right now and I learned so much about myself and my personality and day in and day out I was more convinced that I was meant to be on the radio , I used to think that you had to have a great radio voice to be on but now its more like if your vibe is good and energetic and have so much personality your voice has nothing to do with it , well I don’t want to bore you with my radio journey that will be another story but the bottom line is that a lot of ┬ápeople loose faith in themselves or they tend to get Lazy and not write the next chapter of their story.



























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