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How to LOVE someone who is Broken

Gently, lay your hands on their soul like a whisper and find the places in which they are broken. Then LOVE them until these fractured places become crevices , and the crevices become thin , white scars that they only just barley remember .

Loving a broken person is not an easy thing to do and I don’t just want to aim at couples this goes for family , friends, co-workers etc one of the hardest things I have ever had to endure was to love someone that was broken when in fact I was broken myself… not sure who was worst , I was very good at hiding my shattered pieces it was almost too good , I even lost myself  you never want to loose yourself . When you choose to love someone who is broken you are choosing to accept the flaws they come along with , and bless your heart when you do because so many people come with so much baggage that it also can become your problem too , I don’t mean it in a mean way I mean it that we get so focused on trying to help this person that we get caught up . 

A broken person doesn’t want to be reminded that they are broken , I think the best thing that we can do is probably give them some space so that they can get their feelings in order confusion is a big factor when making harsh decisons. Why do we feel the need to try and   fix someone that doesn’t want to change or let alone be fixed ? we want to fix them simply because we want to take credit for perhaps impacting them so much in their lives that they have you to thank !!! in a perfect world yes you can be the hero but this is all to selfish if you ask me , why not really really just be there for this person instead because the only person that can help them is themselves , sad but true. Will you still love and care for someone that is just as broken as a colored crayon ? well guess what colored crayons can still color as with the same with a human being , I have been lied to , played with back and forth , I been humilliated and used as to taking my kindness for weakness , a lot of life experiences and hurtful situations broke me too so you are not alone not at all .

The only thing I could think was “WHY’ ? while we sit there and waste our time asking all these questions perhaps maybe just work on being a better you. You know you can Love someone from afar and still be there for them always just not physically ? It’s one of the hardest and yet most challenging things to ever face but trust me you are helping them , silence is sometimes golden when a broken person is to busy breaking other people they can not sit there and feel bad 100% of the time . I have had so many individuals hurt me even strangers , they know who they are but you know what these people that deliberatly come at you with the sole purpose to intentionally hurt you are just as broken as you are perhaps even far more worse I pray for these people deeply with the grace of God only hoping that their anger gets filled with peace and harmony Hope is the word here Hope ..

Jesus just take the wheel , that’s what I tell myself I forgive those that hurt me always I can no longer be broken anymore and there for you need to make that wise decision whether or not you can continue to love and care for this person while being broken I choose LOVE , I always choose love 

Broken people are free to love. They love and accept people where they are, but with their lifestyle of love, acceptance, worth, and a sense of security they draw other people to the only One who is love, God (1. John 4:8).

If I choose to love someone with their flaws and all that’s not a mistake  if it doesn’t work out it was a lesson taught all my mistakes are life lessons and I choose to embrace it cause I love hard and I’ll do it again and again …If you ever do fall in love with someone that is broken be kind and paitient and don’t expect this person to change overnight love them and accept them for who they are maybe it takes that one special person to actually make them want to heal and change broken doesn’t mean forever .

Fall asleep with nothing but LOVE and forgiveness in your heart . What’s meant for you will be for you tomorrow or the day after. Trust your journey. Rest your soul.


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