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If I had a Dollar  for every time I say Be patient Calipso your time will come just chill , I would be soooooo rich but that’s not how it goes around here no way no how , why is it that we want to run before we can learn how to crawl ?? because we are fearless in the persuit for greatness that’s why …

You’ve Got to Be a Beginer before you can be anything else 

When we are so focused at what we want in that present moment we loose sight and focus on how we need to retrieve it , some things come easy in life like a fast promotion at a job perhaps you knew someone that knows the head honcho that runs the place and all it took was a referal , you know this happens quite often but if you are the person that works hard and applies themselves to learning on the daily trust me that promotion or job position will land to you , I know so many people that don’t deserve what they have already but as the nice human person that I am one must shut the efff up and keep thy comments to thyself , that will only make you bitter and you will loose focus on what you want to achieve , If you want something just work for it!!!

You must always apply yourself to learn on the daily and be truly happy with what you have acomplished already imagine  when you first started on that goal or dream how impossible it seemed and you are already at least halfway there , that’s when we tend to fall off the wagon throw in the towel, but you must not all that hard work that you put into this whole time for you to throw this all away  .

Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you did today was Breath 

I know what it’s like to keep the dream alive and I have been putting so much work into it , I have had to even start over like more than dozen dam times but I don’t regret the learning process above it all I know I may not be where I want to be , But I am where I need to be to where I want to get , I have everything I need right now in this present moment , and so do you , Time gives you surprises when you most need them and least expect them 



Love you madre… You remind me of Sara Jessica Parker on Sex and the City. Miss u boo.. Call me

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